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Kaan Ege Önal, born in 1996 in Turkey, comes from a family of artists. He spent a lot of time in his father's ceramic studio during his childhood and youth, becoming familiar with art at an early age. In 2010, his official artistic career began with his attendance at the high school for visual arts. Four years later, he began studying painting at Mersin University, which he successfully completed. In 2017, the young artist decided to relocate his artistic activities to Germany to further develop his skills at a higher level. After a long period of creativity, Önal began his artistic career in Germany in 2022 with numerous exhibitions in various cities, and was honored with various awards.

Önal's art is a profound reflection of our society. His paintings are a reflection of the world we live in, characterized by social inequalities and political conflicts. However, Önal's works go beyond that. They are an artistic expression of his desire to challenge society and raise awareness of these issues.

In his figurative painting, Önal uses body language to address the complex issue of social inequality. It is important to him to engage viewers in a dialogue with the artwork. Önal's art is a means of social confrontation that shows us the unvarnished truth and encourages us to confront socio-political realities. The result is captivating and moving works that take us on a journey through the perception and interpretation of social reality.

Önal's intensive engagement with performance art has also brought him close to the language of the body. He has integrated this into his art to use the body as a negotiation site for social issues. Viewers have a lot of freedom to interpret the body language in their own way.

Overall, Önal's artistic works are a synthesis of various elements that encourage us to broaden and deepen our perception of the world and our society. His art is an appeal to all of us to confront the realities of our time and take responsibility for our society.

            „Bonner Frühlingssalon”, The Stage Gallery, Bonn

            „Body Politic”, Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Osnabrück
            „Lange Nacht”, Atelierhaus Hasemauer, Osnabrück
            „Art Festival”, 1000freund Gallery, Köln
            „Artistic Odyssey”, Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg
            „360°”, Atelierhaus Hasemauer, Osnabrück
            „Did You Look Away?”, Alte Posthalterei, Melle
            „Art Promotion Prize of the Ingeborg-Sieber-Foundation”, Uni Osnabrück, Osnabrück
            „Kunstpreis Deutschland 2022”, Galerie Jaeschke, Braunschweig
            „Gesellschaft im Umbau”, Berliner Carré, Osnabrück
            „SKM Community”, Meet Frida, Hamburg
            „Shift In Tone”, Vacuo Gallery, Osnabrück
            „Artists Residence”, Atelierhaus, Osnabrück
            „Wall of Violence”, Galerie im Fenster, Osnabrück

            „Atölye”, Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mersin
            „Gözgözegeluçurumlardanatla”, Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mersin

            „İçeriksiz”, Fine art gallery, Mersin
            „Srbst´16”, Ciftlikkoy-Campus, Mersin

            „AN-KARA”, Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mersin

2010-2014   Abdurrahman Keskiner Fine Arts High School, Osmaniye
2014-2018   Bachelor of Arts: Mersin Universty, Painting, Mersin
Since 2020  Master of Arts: Osnabrück Universty, Art and Communication, Osnabrück
2022    Nomination: Ingeborg-Sieber-Foundation Art Promotion Prize
2022    Nomination: ART PRIZE GERMANY 2022
2022    Studio grant from the Egerland Foundation in the Atelierhaus Hasemauer,
            Osnabrück (Scholarship holder)
2023    Art in Motion: Studio, It´s Art, Baby!, Düsseldorf
2021    Lichte Momente, Osnabrück
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